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Get to Know Belen – Our Young Gun Winner

Our Relationship Manager, Belen Dalvit, has just been named an Insurance Business Australia Young Gun of 2021; so we asked her 10 questions so you can get to know her a little better…

What do you love most about working with Bell Partners Insurance?

I’m very fortunate to have a great group of clients who are wonderful to work with and really value by insurance advice, which makes me feel like I’m making a real difference to their business.  I also love having the opportunity to learn from our Managing Director, Matthew, who’s one of the best brokers I’ve come across.

What behaviour or personality trait do you most attribute your success to, and why?

Hard work and persistence, commitment and passion.  I throw myself into everything I do.

What’s the best advice you were ever given?

Back yourself, be confident, you got this!

How do you prefer to start your day?

With the beautiful sun rising from the ocean.  I live right by the beach so I can do this almost every day!

What energizes you at work?

I have a real drive to meet the insurance needs for new clients.

What’s a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of?

I think the accomplishment I am most proud of was being able to meet the insurance needs of new clients, while also continuing to deliver the business class experience we’re proud of at Bell Partners Insurance for all my existing clients.

Do you have a hidden talent?

Hula Hooping – I have quite a collection of hoops, including LED light-up hoops.

What’s your ’sing in the shower’ song?

The Cranberries – Just My Imagination

When borders open, what’s the first place on your travel destination list?

Argentina to visit my family and friends of course; and when Covid19 is gone from this world I would like to go to India to do yoga courses.

What does being named an Insurance Young Gun mean to you?

I am very grateful for being named an Insurance Young Gun, proud to be recognised among very talented people in the industry. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without the great team we have, the wonderful clients and all the colleagues I have worked with; big thanks to Emily and Matt for their recognition and support.

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