Brad Ferguson - Wealth Division Managing Director | Bell Partners
BRAD FERGUSONManaging Director, Wealth Creation Newcastle

Reliable Wealth Creation and Management Advisory

Brad has been a financial planner since 2003. He completed his Bachelor of Business degree at the University of Newcastle and started his career in the graduate program of one of the big four banks. There he commenced his post graduate studies, obtaining a diploma in financial planning. He quickly realised pursuing his passion for helping people would be better achieved by operating in a non institutionally aligned environment. Brad then joined Bell Partners as an associate advisor in 2004 moving into an advisory role in 2005. After moving back to Newcastle in 2011 he identified a huge opportunity for Bell Partners services and opened the Newcastle office in 2013 where he has since served as the Managing Director of the Wealth Division. From this experience, he truly understands what it takes to build a business and the challenges that face business owners on a daily basis.

Brad specialises in providing first class wealth creation and retirement planning advice for business owners and people looking to create a better future for their family. All financial solutions and services are tailored to each client’s set of circumstances and objectives.

“I believe being a family man with two children at school, a mortgage, a business to run and desire to build a better future for my family puts me in a position to understand the challenges people face every day. The basis for all of our advice is formed under the ‘mum and dad test’, which is, ‘would I recommend this course of action to my parents or am I doing this myself?’ After witnessing bull markets and the GFC while helping dozens of people achieve their dreams, it is comforting to know that our approach of establishing goals at the outset and putting in place structures and disciplines to achieve them, works no matter what the external environment.”

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