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Bell Partners Wealth Creation and Financial Advisory have been advising clients on their financial plans and wealth management since 2002. Established as a service to assist Bell Partners clients, we have become known as one of the few leading privately owned financial advice businesses in Australia. Our advisers have diverse backgrounds and experience in a range of different advice firms including major institutions and the boutique market, as well as our experience as business owners, has led to a deep understanding and insight into the nature of our clients and allows us to assist them with achieving their goals, aspirations and needs. In this day & age when the reputation of Financial Advice is being questioned, we believe and embrace the Future of Financial Advice. Our advisors strive for the highest level of Education and Qualifications and always believe in protecting the Best Interest of our clients.


Our strategic advice is always centred on our client’s personal goals, needs and objectives and is tailored to every client’s individual circumstances.

  • No matter what stage in life you are, if its;
  • The Starting-Out Years – Your career is just starting,
  • The Setting-Up Years – You are in your Family and Career building years,
  • The Spending Years – You are established and at the top of your career,
  • The Transition Years – You are seriously considering your upcoming retirement,
  • The Senior Years – you are retired and want to pass on your values and wealth

Our team will be able to help and guide you through all of the key milestones in life and make your complex financial affairs simple and easy to understand, whatever those key life events might be for you.


We believe a successful financial plan is more than just the initial advice. Critical to the success of any plan and portfolio is a process of constant appraisal and review. To achieve key milestones requires time, energy, patience, a high understanding of financial affairs and keeping up with the change in environment. Although initial one off advice is the base of your plan, your financial plan and advice needs to be adaptable and fluid to move with you It’s for this reason the true value of advice is realised over time and by working together.


Bell Partners Wealth Creation & Financial Advisory were one of the first firms in the country to be an early adopter of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). As Advisers, we are focused on providing the best investment solutions for our clients. We focus on sophisticated global asset allocation and investment portfolio construction techniques, partnering up with the world’s largest investment houses such as Blackrock, State Street & Vanguard. We brought the concept of highly complex investment portfolios with a focus on low cost index ETFs using a SMA and drawing on our partners expertise and knowledge, to provide our clients with access to the smartest and best investment ideas in the world. As Advisers, our focus is on overall strategy that achieves your milestones. Individual investments are very important and drive your key wealth. It is for this reason we made the decision to bring in these partners to help us construct our portfolios while we focus on the overall strategy.


Commonly we help our clients navigate through the complexity of choice with everyday life. Using our Advice services we can help you;

  • Grow my investments – Investment Portfolio Construction and Management
  • Own an investment property – Strategic Property investments & advice
  • Protect my family – Personal Risk management & Insurance advice
  • Run a Self-Managed Super Fund – SMSF advice and guidance
  • Secure my income in retirement – Retirement planning & Centrelink advice
  • Be prepared for Aged Care – Aged Care and Estate Planning
  • Be debt free – Mortgage reduction strategies
  • Leave an inheritance – Estate Planning & transference of wealth strategies

Our Financial Planners are Authorised Representatives of Australian Financial Advisory Solutions Pty Ltd – Australian Financial Services Licence No: 287619

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“The greatest gift we can give a fellow human being when it comes to their financial wellbeing, is the gift of a life free from worry and stress about money.” – Brett Taggart

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