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KAREN BELLChairperson

Keeping Bell Partners on Top of the Field

I completed my Bachelor of Commerce degree (with a double major in Finance and Accounting) at the University of New South Wales. I joined Security Pacific for 2 years whilst completing my final year studies, followed by KPMG where I completed my professional year qualifications to become a Chartered Accountant and my Diploma of Applied Finance. I worked in KPMGs Audit and Advisory function in Sydney for 6 years including 6 months on assignment at their International Headquarters in Amsterdam. I joined Deutsche Bank in 1995 and worked in various global and regional infrastructure management roles in Sydney, Singapore and London. I was a member of the Bank’s Technology, Operations and Logistics Executive Committee for 10 years, reporting to a Board Member for this period. I left Deutsche Bank in 2016 to return to Australia and I subsequently joined Bell Partners in an advisory capacity in late 2016 and then was appointed Chairperson in May 2017.

‘I joined Bell Partners to work with Anthony and his team to ensure Bell Partners stays at the top of its field in providing premier business and financial services to our clients. After spending 25 years in professional and commercial services organisations in Australia and overseas, I have seen how the best in the world deliver great service to their clients whilst also creating a compelling employment environment that attracts the best people. I was very impressed to find that Bell Partners was already doing much of what I had seen elsewhere and that its employees were world class leaders and professionals.

We have evolved the brand and our service offering to ensure we stay fresh and relevant to our clients and that we continually add value to their lives and their businesses. The strategic direction of the company is clear – it’s to make our clients the best they can be by partnering with them to achieve their goals. The fact that we have a full service offering under the Bell Partners umbrella is a huge advantage for our clients as you don’t need to start again every time you have a new service requirement – we care about ensuring you get the very best business and financial service and our team are highly motivated to being vital to your success.

In terms of the leadership of Bell Partners, Anthony is one of the most impressive and innovative business leaders I have worked with. He leverages his extensive experience and track record of success to provide valuable advice to our clients enabling them to achieve their goals. In addition to his own expertise, he has very effectively recruited and mentored a high calibre team who are also extremely capable and focussed on helping our clients achieve financial and business success.’

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