Do you have a problem with a customer or another business?

Whether you are dealing with other businesses or customers, it is inevitable that from time to time, disputes will arise.

Disputes can be large or small and can range from a simple shortage in a delivery, a mis-description of goods, assertions of poor quality of services, to claims for consequential losses for damage flowing as a result of negligence or breach of contract.

Often when parties have a difference of opinion, involving third parties can assist in resolving any issues as the third party is not financially or emotionally involved and can look at a situation with objectivity. You may feel that you are in the right, but you may be wrong!

Sometimes the worst thing you can do is start yelling down the telephone line or firing off angry emails and making accusations as they often have the effect of creating further legal issues or having the parties ‘dig their heels in,’ making informally determining the dispute less likely.

Disputes can usually be resolved by a lawyer writing a strongly worded letter of demand which clearly explains your position and concerns and how and when you would like them resolved.

Where a disagreement cannot be resolved amicably, options include complaining to a professional or industry association, having a mediation or if necessary, the commencement of proceedings.

Bell Partners Legal’s lawyers have the expertise to assist you in relation to any manner of dispute resolution and can help you to:

  • identify the real issues in dispute,
  • advise on your prospects/liability,
  • engage in meaningful communication with the other party,
  • consider alternative dispute resolution measures like mediation or arbitration, and
  • if necessary, commence or defend any proceedings.

For more information in relation to our dispute resolution services, please call Craig Pryor, Head of Estate Planning and Commercial Law at Bell Partners Legal, on (02) 9249 7600 or email

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