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SME Commercial Leasing Principles during Covid-19
Our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has recently announced that there will be a mandatory code for commercial tenancies for small...
Foreign property owners slapped with fee for vacant property
Australia has followed the international trend of penalising foreign owners of Australian residential property who keep their property vacant for...
Why ‘property flipping’ is the next ATO target
The tax law does not allow you to ‘flip’ a property tax-free even if you are living in it. Most...
What questions to ask and what to know about refinancing
Understanding refinancing: What questions to ask and what to know.
What would motivate you to refinance your existing home loan? We hear regularly in advertising and the media about refinancing your...
Competent brokers only recommend principal repayments on owner occupied home loans
If your clients have an investment or interest only loan then by now they’ve probably already received the letter....