Australian Philanthropic Services | Bell Partners

Increasingly individuals and businesses are thinking about how to give back to society and causes dear to them and to assist in this, we provide advice around how best to approach and structure philanthropy.

We have deep experience in providing philanthropic advice as we have not only provided this service to our clients for many years but we have also run our own foundation, Loyal, for 6 years and so have first hand experience. We are able to advise you on everything from the structures you need to ‘give back’ as well as the best ways to collect money, distribute money and to promote your cause. We are also able to handle all of the compliance requirements associated with running a charity.


  • Structuring advice (including structure set up)
  • Statutory requirements (accounting, tax returns, financial statement etc)
  • Investment advice
  • Audit
  • Bookeeping and administration

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