Superannuation and Self-Managed Fund Services | Bell Partners

Superannuation in Australia is a huge industry with many benefits. For most Australians this is one of their largest assets and many clients would like to take control.

You have worked hard to save for retirement and ensuring you put your money to work at an optimal level is critical to your feeling of security. It is easy to lose that hard earned money in ill advised investments or exorbitant fees and you need your trusted advisors to help navigate this complex area for you.

You need to be aware of all of the rules and legislation that governs the establishment and ongoing management of superannuation funds and SMSFs in order to make it effective for you. At Bell Partners we have deep expertise in this area. With our Wealth and Compliance teams we are able to help you with all aspects of superannuation including advice and complaint operations of your SMSF.


  • Superannuation Advice
  • Superannuation Documentation Preparation
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Tax Return Preparation

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