Bell Business Advantage (“BBA”) is the culmination of decades of experience in helping businesses grow profitably, setting strategic goals and implementing tactics to achieve them. We analyse your business and apply our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t to revolutionise your business. We get in the trenches with you; this is not “set and forget”.

Giving You Options

In the future, you want to be able to choose……….do I want to continue to grow the business, reduce my involvement or is a trade sale or IPO the right course to realise value???

Avoiding the “Analysis Paralysis”. The difference between information and advice.

There are many advisors who can analyse a business to death. The whole basis of BBA is yes, the analysis, but more importantly what are the most critical outcomes and actions to take. We cut through the detail to present concise, measurable and operationally practical recommendations.

Our Services

We have designed the BBA core services to encompass three distinct stages;

  1. Where are we at now?
  2. Setting goals and what we need to do to achieve those goals
  3. Review progress and refine tactics

BBA also offers a number of complementary related services. To find out more, contact us.