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Attention NSW Landlords & Tenants

Emergency measures to protect tenants have been announced by the NSW Government;

The NSW Government is introducing a six-month support package to help landlords and tenants facing financial hardship due to COVID-19.

These measures include, if a household is struggling to make rental payments and has suffered a loss of income equal to or greater than 25 per cent due to COVID-19;

  • A moratorium on applications for forced evictions due to rental arrears for those financially disadvantaged by COVID-19
  • New requirements for landlords and tenants to enter into negotiations over rental payments in good faith
  • Fair Trading’s dispute resolution service will be available to assist if the parties are unable to re-negotiate and agree on new rental arrangements
  • Residential landlords would be eligible for a land tax waiver or rebate of up to 25 per cent if they passed the saving on to tenants in financial distress

All tenants who are not impacted by COVID-19 are expected to honour their existing tenancy agreements including paying all rent and charges in full.

For further information, please contact us directly.

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