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Foreign property owners slapped with fee for vacant property
Australia has followed the international trend of penalising foreign owners of Australian residential property who keep their property vacant for...
Recent Legislative Changes That Can Affect Property Transactions
2016 NSW BUDGET The New South Wales budget announcement on 21 June 2016 included a number of changes affecting foreign investors....
Changes in the tax treatment of foreign pension schemes in the United Kingdom
Understanding refinancing. What questions to ask and what to know.
There have been changes drafted with regards to Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) that will affect UK residents....
What you need to know about Australia’s controlled foreign company regime
Understanding Australia’s controlled foreign company regime
Australia’s Controlled Foreign Company (CFC) regime is designed to discourage Australian residents from shifting income to low tax, or no...
New Zealand Foreign Trust Disclosure Rules
Background On 11 April 2016 it was announced by New Zealand’s (NZ) Minister of Finance, Hon Bill English, and Minister of...

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