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Dealing with a death in the family can be a traumatic experience

The death of a family member or loved one is a traumatic time and there can be a lot of paperwork to be filled out to effectively and efficiently deal with a deceased person’s estate.   Bell Partners Legal can assist you and your family members in relation to:

  • Probate where there is a will;
  • Letters of Administration where the deceased did not leave a will;
  • Advice on the roles and responsibilities of Administrators, Executors and Trustees;
  • The distribution of estates under the laws of intestacy where there is no will;
  • Administration of deceased estates, including:
    • Determining estate assets and liabilities;
    • Transferring the family home;
    • Recovering superannuation or life insurance proceeds;
    • Redemption of accounts;
    • Transmission/sale of shares/units or other investments.

There are certain procedures and timeframes that apply to applications for Probate or Letters of Administration, including the publication of the relevant notices.   Also, claims can be made by the deceased’s creditors and those that may be unsatisfied with any gift (or lack of one) for them in a will, for example spouses, former spouses, children and members of the deceased’s household. Such claims must generally be made within 12 months of the date of death.   Bell Partners Legal can assist in relation to making and defending such claims, whether under the Succession Act or otherwise.   For more information, please call Michael Tzirtzilakis , Head of Commercial Law at Bell Partners Legal, on (02) 9249 7600 or email mtzirtzilakis@bellpartnerslegal.com

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