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I’m a big fan of Jack Johnson. As well as liking his music, he is an artist who hasn’t let his fame and fortune get to his head – remaining true to himself and his laid-back view of the world. And if it wasn’t for the hard times he had endured (and some help from Ben Stiller), the world may have never heard his amazing talent.

What do Jack Johnson and a boutique financial services provider have to do with each other? Jack says it in the lyrics of a favourite song of mine – “It’s always better when we’re together”.

We believe that is what we’ve done – Bringing the General Insurance, Wealth and Financial Planning, and Finance businesses together as Bell Partners Financial Services. The best of our teams coming together – more than ever before – to deliver outstanding service and industry best advice to our clients.

Our updated newsletter format includes a greater range of interesting articles, information and videos from all three businesses. No longer will you receive multiple newsletters, you’ll be able to keep up to date with the latest information all in the one place. Keep an eye out for the new Q&A section, and email us your questions so we can have a qualified expert answer them.

The Bell Partners Financial Services social media is also now conveniently under the one banner – make sure you search and add us on Facebook and Linked In to get the latest information, updates and offers.

Most importantly, more than ever we will be delivering seamless total financial services to our clients in the one place. If you finance the purchase a new car or property, our general insurance team can simply and conveniently source you the best policy to protect your asset. If your financial plan involves leveraging property purchases, our finance team can ensure you have the best solution for your situation, ready for when you need it. If your borrowings increase, our financial planners will ensure you and your family have the right protection in place for your total financial wellbeing.

Speak to any of the team, and you will be backed by financial planners, finance brokers and general insurance advisers who will ensure a comprehensive overall strategy with complete cohesion.

We hope you enjoy our new format – make sure you take a look at the inspirational TED Talk by Simon Sinek on why good leaders make you feel safe.

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